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Thread: Capacitor fell off of my GA-EX38-DQ6!

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    Default Capacitor fell off of my GA-EX38-DQ6!

    I was removing a graphics card from the PCIE slot when a capacitor fell off of my motherboard. I don't know what caused it to fall off, I never touched it. It is the one circled in yellow in the attached picture. There is no hope of reattaching it, one of the arms snapped off when i picked it up from the bottom of the case.

    I don't have access to any other computers so I took the risk and booted it up. So far it is working fine, but I am afraid I will be doing permanent damage to the motherboard and/or other components in my PC. What do you guys think? I have been kinda looking for a reason the upgrade to a P45 board, is this a good enough reason? How long will this board operate with a missing capacitor?


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    Default Re: Capacitor fell off of my GA-EX38-DQ6!

    loool??? how the hell did that happen?! well since capacitors store voltage, u mite find some kind of voltage instability on the motherboard, i wouldnt imagine it to b good for ur comp lol...u never no wen it will die.

    Plus if the capacitor is still in good shape...u can attempt to resolder it back on, no guarantees man...its prob worth a try instead of trashing the entire motherboard.
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    Default Re: Capacitor fell off of my GA-EX38-DQ6!

    I'm not sure how it broke off. I am positive I didn't bump it. My only geuss is that it was a bad solder. When I was holding the capacitor in my fingers, one of the metal arms broke off, so re-soldering is not a possibility.

    The board's been doing well so far without it. Its been running about 12 hours straight with no hiccups. Rebooted a couple times, played some Bioshock, no problems that I can tell. Still, to be safe I ordered a new board (GA-EP45-UD3R). When that one arrives, I will try to have this one repaired and then sell it.

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    Default Re: Capacitor fell off of my GA-EX38-DQ6!

    Hmm, well It could actually go to one of the components on the back panel you are not using is why it works fine?

    Did you look on the back of the board and try to trace where it goes to/comes from? Could be something you will never use, but I am not so sure that would be safe to continue to use it though even if it is something like that.

    Sounds like a good plan you have there. You will like your new board for sure!

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