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Thread: GA-EP45-UD3P difficulty

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavyengineering View Post
    im curious, are the voltage changes to MCH, ICH, vtt necessary for only dual channel configurations or both? currently the only voltage change ive made is to DRAM.
    It should not be necessary to run dual channel, but for your specific setup some tweaking may be required.

    Also 1 other thing, the PL(performance level, aka static tRead) this maybe some issue also???

    Do you have the profile 2 or the profile whatever in the MIT page set on auto where the board reads the timings from the memory??

    What I always do is start with 1 stick in the 1st slot, then try 2 sticks if that worked. If not, then I switch the sticks, so slot 1 goes to 3 and slot 3 goes to 1. It can make a difference.
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    currently using a PL of 9

    XMP is disabled

    swapping the sticks is the next thing to try if i get the same issues running dual channel on the 2 and 4 slots as the 1 and 3. its the only thing i havent done yet.

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    it posted on a cold boot. im still in disbelief.

    should i be concerned about not setting any of the voltages or should i just leave well enough alone?

    memset and cpu-z confirm timings although memory speed fluctuates a little in memset from 530.8 to 534.3?

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    Sounds like you have a bad board if everything works in the other slots. I guess you can either just be happy that it works and never use the other slots or RMA the board.

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    im satisfied with it the way it is. i cant see pushing more ram, id be more likely to upgrade to ddr3 and an i7

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