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Thread: EP45 DS3L - What is the proper mem speed?

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    Default EP45 DS3L - What is the proper mem speed?

    I initially had some stability problems with this board but after looking through the threads I changed vcore voltage and it fixed it no problem. I have an E7300 - 10 x 266 at stock and G. Skill Pi DDR-1066 2GB in two sticks (that I actually am able to run in dual channel right now!).

    I've never been able to get it to run at 1066 it always clocked down to 800 mhz, but then I started reading about FSB and Memory ratios and noticed mine was 2:3 in ZCPU so I changed it so that with overclocking I am at 10 x 290 with the ram at 580mhz.

    Is this correct? So that for OCing I need to maintain 1:1 meaning that the memory runs at twice whatever the front side bus speed is? Would it be better to lower clock multiplier and raise the FSB?

    Sorry, I'm absurdly baffled by the problem.

    Thanks for any input.


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    Default Re: EP45 DS3L - What is the proper mem speed?

    Maintaining 1:1 is not necessary at all. What is though is using the correct Multiplier per your FSB Speed, the correct Static tRead Value per your strap/Multi choice, and then finding the proper MCH Voltage needed to keep that stable

    Yes, higher FSB would be best.

    You would want to use the correct multi/strap depending on your FSB Speed based on these choices. >>>

    Like if you are running 333-400 FSB B choices would work best, if you are running 400+ B choices may work but will be less stable and D would be your optimal choice.

    Since you are right now using 290FSB you should be using either an A Choice, or B choice. A being optimal as that is your FSB Area but With B choices being usable as the higher the Strap choice the less tight the NB Timings are.

    Higher strap choice is often useable but not always, lower then FSB speed straps are usable as well but less stable for sure

    I would use A or B choices for 290 FSB, with A being the better performer but may be less stable as you are getting at the upper range of that strap. At 333 FSB thru 400 you can use B strap choices for sure.

    Hope that helps, I think I may have wandered around a little to much! If you want it simpler please let me know what FSB you think you may want to run and I will advise you a littler shorter next time

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    Default Re: EP45 DS3L - What is the proper mem speed?

    I think I'm starting to understand. Thanks so much!

    So, whatever FSB you choose you should try to choose a memory multiplier within that strap range? So that if I'm running 333mhz my memory multiplier choices are all under B. And each set of memory multipliers is called a strap?

    Running at 290 FSB and MCH as Auto, I picked A - 4.00 -- subsequently leading to two BSOD over the past two days. Ideally, I would like to hit 3.0 using 333 mhz FSB - that's the target if you can help me with voltages (I am not sure what to set the CPU at for example). Also, in all of these straps, I'm shooting for my memory to run as close to its operating speed without going over... right?

    Thanks for any assistance, this had helped so much.


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    Default Re: EP45 DS3L - What is the proper mem speed?

    bump anyone

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