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Thread: new build GA-EP45-UD3R - system wont stay on

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    Default Re: new build GA-EP45-UD3R - system wont stay on

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    well the settings above are for 4GB of ram. And static tread of 6-7 may be to low depending on your ram and other settings/voltages

    It's all settings, either set of ram should work for you fine once you get things set correctly. I think you may see the same issues with that set, just keep in mind it is all settings, not faulty hardware

    Let me know when you get your new ram and I will help you out

    What PSU are you using now? And what Graphics card do you have? If your PSU is less then 450W then yes it may be part of the issue with your setup, but likely not the main issue
    OK I have both sticks of RAM in there now totally 4 Gb and all the settings that you suggested as well. Still having the same issue as before. Also cleared the CMOS, loaded optimized defaults and started the process again from the begining. Still the same results.

    The power supply is a 600Watt, it worked fine in the PC that I just took it out off. Even still I unplugged just about all components, even ran PC without the video card and still have this same issue of it just turning off randomly and never running for more than a few minutes. Also got a speaker since the case was missing one. When the PC boots its fine beeps once like normal, but once it shuts down it will only power on for 2-3 seconds and powers off again, never even gets a chance to beep at all.

    I finally was able to see the BIOS which is F5, and board is Rev 1.1

    Is this still all just settings? Could these issues possible be hardware related? I hope to have the other memory tomorrow or Friday the latest.

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    Default Re: new build GA-EP45-UD3R - system wont stay on

    And for the record I am not able to run that memtest application from CD. Same issue, the system randomly shuts off.

    I really hope I just have some faulty memory would be the easiest solution at this stage.

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    Default Re: new build GA-EP45-UD3R - system wont stay on


    well I ended up RMA'ing the board and ordering another brand. Put everything together with the new board and it ran fine. I am pretty sure the MB I had was faulty, although some were saying it was just settings.

    Either way I want to thank all of those that offered help and assistance. Main reason I went with another brand was simply that the GA-EP45-UD3R really wasn't for me at this stage. After delving through many of the problems and issues people had with customizing and getting all the settings just right for stability is just not where I am at these days. My interest in all that tweaking and what not is just not there anymore.

    Anyway, thanks all for the help, nice forum and good people you have on here.

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    Default Re: new build GA-EP45-UD3R - system wont stay on

    Well, that doesn't help me
    My PC powers off when I run Prime95 for 1 or 2 minutes...OC at 3.6Ghz Q6600.
    I was thinking it was the PSU crapping out, but now I guess it isn't!?

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