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Thread: EP45-UD3P Firewire issues

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    Default EP45-UD3P Firewire issues

    I have had some very strange issues with this board from the very beginning, first problem was getting the sound to work...the drivers would not work at all and with some searching I found that uninstalling them and then going to the registry and changing the CD version from 300 to 200 (XP SP3) re-installing the up-dated realtek drivers and re-booting solved that issue.

    second. after a couple weeks after post and upon reaching the XP logo screen the system would hang for at least four minutes before finally launching past the welcome screen and into windows. Usually full start up takes no longer than 35-45 seconds. No virus, as computer is not connected to the internet. I tired everything....ended up clean formatting the whole system and everything works great!

    Now for my new problem...

    My firewire connectors on both the front panel, and on the rear board connections do not work properly. I checked the hardware in device manager and Ive got the "!" symbol...ive searched for drivers...uninstalled the device...reinstalled...updated drivers....I dont know if I am doing something wrong or what. That is why I am here, does anyone else have problems with firewire, or had similar experiences to mine?


    gigabyte ep45-ud3p
    3.16 E8500 Core 2
    2 gig Kingston Hyper X pc8500
    Zotac GeForce 9800GTX
    OCZ 700W power

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P Firewire issues

    Do you have the Intel Chipset Drivers installed? If not, please install them >>>
    Confirm Download

    IE1394 (Onboard H/W 1394) enabled in the Integrated Peripherals BIOS page/ Just checking

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P Firewire issues

    Yes I have them installed, i did check the link you provided though, but upon installing a prompt jumped up saying I already have the newest set of drivers ( the links drivers are ( I guess it wouldn't hurt to install the old ones, but I'll wait to do that if you think it might fix this issue.

    I did check the BIOS and onboard 1394 is enabled. However I looked into the
    Pnp/PCI Connections at PCI1 IRQ Assignment and it says
    "Devices using this INT: IEEE 1394 Host Cntrlr
    -Bus 6 Dev 0 Fuc 0)

    This setting is set to [AUTO] but there are other settings (3,5,7,9,10, and 11)

    I've never touched this part of the BIOS so maybe you could provide some insight.

    Thanks for the help so far, let me know what you think.

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