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Thread: Sleep problems GA-EX58-UD5

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    Default Sleep problems GA-EX58-UD5

    I can't seem to get hybrid sleep working. When I enable S3 (hybrid) sleep in the bios I get the following behavior:
    - machine sleeps (fans, monitor, etc)
    - try to wake via USB mouse / keyboard
    - fans start, but no monitor
    - machine does not really start (I hit a key sequence to shut down computer and it doesn't work)
    - hit reset key on computer, now monitor starts up, I see desktop, but USB is not powered (so no mouse or keyboard)

    When I disable S3 sleep in bios everything works fine, except it still draws lots of power (that's why I want S3).

    Running Vista 64bit, hybrid sleep is enabled, link state power management is off, adaptive display is off.

    Video card is EVGA 896-P3-1260-AR GeForce GTX 260.

    It looks like the video card isn't getting power from the USB wake, but the reset button is waking the computer, giving PCI power, but shutting down USB.

    Any ides on how to get S3 working would be appreciated.

    BIOS was up to date as of Jan 1st (can't tell if there have been updates since then).


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    Default Re: Sleep problems GA-EX58-UD5

    Well for starters you have to use a PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse to wake the machine properly. But you may have other issues anyway, so it may or may not be trying to wake properly anyhow with your setup as you say it seems to start to try.

    I can say I know for sure S3 sleep has issues on X58. Are you using the latest Beta BIOS? If not then you will have no luck anyway. I am not sure if it is fixed yet in these beta's but I do know it is not in any of the posted one at Gigabyte site

    Beta BIOS's are posted in the Pinned topic at the top of this forum, and please DO NOT USE @BIOS to flash. Here is a Qflash Guide >>>

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    Default Re: Sleep problems GA-EX58-UD5

    yeah, if you haven't already, i'd give the beta bios's a try
    i'm using F5d with S3 and can wake the pc with a usb mouse or keyboard
    i7 950, Gigabyte EX58A-UD3R (2.0), 3x4GB G.Skill PC3-12800, HD 6970

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    Default Re: Sleep problems GA-EX58-UD5


    First of all, thank you for the suggestions. I updated the BIOS to F5d.

    Seems to be no change in behavior. It's odd based on what Lsdmeasap says, because the USB really does seem to wake the computer - the fans start up but it seems that nothing else does (no monitor/PCI, no CPU). Then I hit reset and everything seems to start up but I loose USB power. Next time I'll try plugging in a non-usb keyboard at that point to see if it works.

    I'll let folks here know if/when I figure it out.

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    Default Re: Sleep problems GA-EX58-UD5

    Okay - how's this for strange. When I initiate sleep manually I get the problem described above. When I let it go to sleep just because it idles for 20 mins it sleeps and wakes fine.

    So for me, it's fixed and works. Not sure what fixed it (I was testing using a manually initiated sleep, not the timeout) - but I assume it was the bios update.

    Thanks all for your help.


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