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Thread: P35-DS3R and ram and misc questions.

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    Default P35-DS3R and ram and misc questions.

    Hi there,

    I have the P35-DS3R. I tried to set my ram timmings to 4-4-4-12. People however told me I have to manually adjust voltages. However if I don't leave it on auto, then the red blinking "Voltages are not optimized" appears.
    No matter what combination I try to set voltages, I will get that message. The only way to keep "Voltages are optimized" is to leave the Voltage System Control on Auto.

    Also how do I know my ram gets the required 2.1v. There is no way from what I can tell to see how many volts they get. All the voltages are also reported as "Normal" How do I know how much voltage that represents. All you have is Normal then +0.1, +0.2, etc.
    Also why I don't have any option to change the command rate for RAM to T1. CPU-Z reports my ram being T2, and I found no command for the Command rate (CR).

    Also what exactly does Performance Enhance do and High Speed DRAM DLL Settings and what is the difference.

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    Default Re: P35-DS3R and ram and misc questions.

    Bump. If anyone can help me to at least make sure my ram voltages are at the required 2.1v and how to check the value

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