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Thread: ga-ep45-ud3p and Crucial memory issue

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    Default ga-ep45-ud3p and Crucial memory issue


    This is my first post in the forum, but I would like to thank those who post here because I have already learned a lot of valuable info.

    I built a new PC with the following components, and I believe I am having some issues with the memory in my system:

    e5200 CPU with stock cooler
    ga-ep45-ud3p mobo
    2x2gb Crucial Ballistix pc2-6400 RAM (the new 2.0v kind)
    ATI 4850 Graphics card

    Aside from a sata hard drive and a dvd burner, that is pretty much all I have in the system.

    Everything went together fine and booted up well, and everything was left at stock settings initially. I installed XP sp3 without hitch. However, when I went to run Prime95 blend for the first time to check my CPU temps under load, it pretty much failed immediately or within the first 5 minutes.

    Since then, I have been reading this site religiously and trying various combinations of BIOS settings to get my RAM stable. In some cases, I have been successful in getting Prime95 to run for an hour or two. I have run Memtest86+, again with mixed results. Some tweaking has allowed me to get through 5+ passes of Memtest86+ without error, only to boot into windows and fail Prime95 within 10 minutes or so. I should mention that my CPU temps are around 32-35c idle and about 45-50c under load.

    I am looking for suggestions for basic BIOS settings that I can use to test whether or not my memory is good/bad. Any other ideas would be welcome. If you need me to post what my settings are now, I would be happy to. I really feel like this has been more work than it has been worth to get a stock system stable. I would like to overclock in the future, but I didn't plan on getting this intimate with the bios so early on.



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    Default Re: ga-ep45-ud3p and Crucial memory issue


    It looks like one of the sticks of memory was bad. I loaded Optimized defaults in the BIOS, set timings manually to 4-4-4-12 and then tried one stick at a time. The defective stick failed at 1.8v of VRAM and 2.0v of VRAM in the latest version of memtest86+, and it failed right away with over 300 errors. The other stick passed memtest at both 1.8v and 2.0v for more than 17 passes without errors.

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