hi guys,

First time posting here, so hello!!

Anyways, I recently brought this board to use in my new HTPC. I have snice found that the ATi HD3200 chipset doesn't seem to like my Toshiba TV. Any digatail connection I try to use will only give me 800x600 resaloution.

I've found a forum in Germany (Translated version of http://forum.gigabyte.de/) where many people are having the same problem and there was talk of Gigabyte releasing a new Video BIOS (intergrated with main BIOS) but was sometime last year and there hasn't been any updates.

Does anyone know if this was true??

Has anyone here had the same problem as me??

If anyone here has this board connected to a Toshiba TV via HDMI or DVI and it is working correctly, can they please post their details?? (OS, CCC version, display driver version, BIOS version and anything else that you think will help me reslove this issue.)

Thanking you for your time.