I used Disk Management to setup space for XP-PRO.It all seems lo look fine but when i got to install raid drivers during the XP install im stuck.I made a floopy with files from Intel and also burned a disk.I use Floppy 32 and disk files32 from Intel 8.7 i belive it is.When i get to screen to install the from A: drive insert motherboard disk.I tried to use floppy and disk but get nothing try again?Is there something i am missing.1thing i see is that my USB floppy is labled as B: not sure if that matters and i use NERO to burn DVD.Any 1 see what i am doing wrong?This is what it looks like now Floppy drive A: i do not have any other 1 not sure why it sees that?and B: is my USB.Is there something in BIOS i need to change?