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Thread: q9550 only runs one core- help!

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    Default q9550 only runs one core- help!

    Checked all drivers, bios, etc- even intel validator, only one core running.

    Gigabyte GA E45P UD3R
    Mushkin DDR2-1066 8 gigs
    Vista 64
    Asus 4870x2 Trifan
    Creative Titanium Pro
    Killer NIC
    True lapped with Sythe S flex F
    NZXT Tempestw/ 250CFM intake & 230CFM exhaust
    WD Caviar Black 640 2 platter 32mb x2 in Raid 0)

    This setup runs rock solid stable at 1800 FSB with E8500@4.275G- orthos and intel burn test for 10 hours ea+, and vantage scores of 12,890 cpu/gpu

    Am I missing a bios setting, or do I need to flash the bios to later revision- or do I have a bad processor?

    Thanks a bunch,

    Running slow in Seattle

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    Default Re: q9550 only runs one core- help!

    i went ahead and installed processor in another system with same model motherboard and the quad runs as it should- great! oc'd to 3.825 (450x8.5), passed one round of inteburn already. runs a little hot idle- 39-41, and really hot loaded- 74 max.
    this system has an unlapped true with a 40 cfm fan. not gonna change anything for now, but will put in faster fan as soon as i get it. Since i may have somehow damaged the original mb when changing processors, im not gonna lap the true in 2nd system- at least until i get brave again!

    thanks for all the helpful advise! someday i might even learn enough to be of help to others...

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