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Thread: Please explain voltages on EP45-UD3P...

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    Default Please explain voltages on EP45-UD3P...

    Lsdmeasap showed an example in setting up your DDR's voltage by taking the difference and adding it to the default to create needed amount

    EXAMPLE: voltage stock 1.8 Requires 2.1 as per manufacturers spec adjust voltage in bios to .3 setting in DDR voltage to equal 2.1 volts

    Does this theory work on all supplied settings in the bios?

    I've never seen a post on the subject but it certainly would be beneficial.

    I was wondering cause then we have two answers when setting our voltages manually.

    You can directly input the amount you need OR put in the differnce PLUS the boards default..

    This is a bit confusing and then my next question is what's more precise? I would imagine incremental bios adjustments to the default by adding the difference, but want to be certain.

    I think this topic needs to be brought to attention as it's not in the motherboard manual.

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    Default Re: Please explain voltages on EP45-UD3P...

    On the voltage settings, you either ADD an amount to a base Voltage or in the case of a manual choosing of a CPU voltage, you choose from a long Voltage list - the total Value.

    So for:-

    DDR2 Default = 1.8volts
    DDR3 Default = 1.5volts

    You then increment the voltage by the addition of:-


    and so on.

    You can only pick one setting though to increase you total value by.

    So Default on DDR2 = 1.8volts add 0.2volts = 2.0volts OR add 0.4volts = 2.2volts. It's not cumulative.

    Btw, the voltages on the ram sticker are the warrantied max that may be required for the operation of the ram on your board/ram combination.
    Theres no need to Run any ram at that value if the board its in can quite happily run the ram without error at a lower or even the stock DDR2/3 etc voltage
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