Hello people

I have a big problem, Iīm very confused with my mobo and ram.

Firs my rig is:

2X2gb Mushkin Red Line PC8000
C2D E8400
Evga GXT 260/216sp
PSU Tacens Aura 680W

My problem is that, whatever I do I canīt get my mobo working with my ram on 1:1. Itīs very strange or Iīm doing something wrong.

At the moment I have my cpu overcloked to 3,915Mhz with 1,25Vcore and my Ram is working at 1044Mhz(2.1V) but it seems I canīt get a better frequency on my ram so I decided to change my divisors (I have actually on 12:10 wich is on my bios 2.04B or something like that)

But if I choose a 1:1 strap on my mobo (making my memory run at 880Mhz) the system reboots 2 times and it doesnīt change or get stable.

I donīt know what else can I do because I canīt go any high with my ram and my mobo doesnīt let me change the strap to an smaller one that could let me run my memory slower for a better CPU overclock.

Any ideas?