Hi all,

I have a problem with my microphone. Sometimes it works but only good for Sound Recorder or Steam voice chats but in-game (counter-strike source, team fortress 2, or the voice tab in the game's settings menu) it doesn't hear my voice but instead it repeats what's going on through the speakers, or it has alot of static and keeps repeating itself. Other time's it just doesn't pick up any voice at all.

I have just reinstalled the realtek audio drivers from their site, the WDM_R214 files and it doesn't seem to solve it. (just the realtek audio manager, not the UAA HD drivers) I have tried the microphone on a P31-Es3G motherboard, and it came with the same results. But on a G31M-ES2L, it worked out fine.

Any help or suggetions would be great, thanks.

specs: E5200, 2GB G.skill RAM ddr2 800, antec ea650w power supply, evga gtx 260 core 216, 320gb western digital, coolermaster 690 case.

e2180, 2gb g.skill ram ddr2 800, xclio stable power 500w, xfx 8500gt, 160gb western digital hard drive, in-win case.

q6600, p31-es3g, 2gb g.skill ddr2 800, xclio stable power 500w, 8800gt, cooler master 590, 160gb western digital