i have the followins setup:

CPU: Intel Q9550
RAM:A-DATA 2x2GB DDR2 1066MHz Vitesta Extreme CL5 Dual Channel Kit (AD21066E002GMU)

The mainboard does not see the memory when is instaled on Dual channel on fsb 1066, it only work on 800MHz as dual channel.

After BIOS upgrade to latest F10 the timing the BIOS see is :
tRCD 6
tRP 6
tRAS 15
but it only work in dual channel with
System Memory Multiplier (SPD) set to 2.40B
with resulting Memory Frequency 800Mhz.

DRAM Voltage is left on Auto which is 1.800V.

I tried to modify DRAM Voltage to one specified to RAM between 2.1V ~ 2.3V but the system is rebooting continuus.

All other BIOS setting is left on default because i do not know where or what to modify.

sorry for my bad english,
pls help