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Thread: ep43-ds3r overheating, ep45-ud3p timings

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    Default ep43-ds3r overheating, ep45-ud3p timings

    Hey there,

    My gf and I each bought a system a week ago:

    Q6600 quad core
    BFG 9800 gt OC
    2x1gig OCZ reaper ddr2 1066 pc2-8500

    Overheating issues or not? Her bios, speedfan and hwmonitorpro all report her system temperature at 108 C, but cpu 32, gpu 46, and hdd 24.
    I felt the side of the case and it didn't seem hot, all case fans are working (antec gamer 900 case). And the hsf is working as well.
    We shut it down for 45 mins and it started up again at 106 C right off the bat.

    Is this a bad sensor? How can I test for it and be sure. After starting it up again it had trouble detecting her serial keyboard.

    Q6600 quad core
    7800 gt
    2x2gig OCZ reaper ddr2 1066 pc2-8500

    No heating issues thank god. But not sure what to put in the timings for the ram. There are no issues, played left 4 dead, and warhammer without crashes, and thats with AUTO settings and 1.8 dram voltage.

    If everything is working fine should I change the timing settings to what OCZ set it as 5-5-5-18 at 2.1v? At auto cpuz reports 533 mhz

    Same goes for her ram, its at auto but ocz asks for 5-5-5-15 at 2.1v

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: ep43-ds3r overheating, ep45-ud3p timings

    Well best case you should run the memory at 1066 or at minimum 1:1 with the FSB(which seems you are currently doing as the Q6600 stock FSB is 266, so 266x2=533 memory speed).

    I doubt it will make much difference but to run it at 1066 speeds you will likely need to run the memory at at least 2.06v. You change the mem speed by setting the "Latch" to the FSB you are running and changing the "divider" to get 1066.

    If you just leave it be, then you can likely set the mem timings lower, possibly to 4-4-4-12 and leave the 1.8v. You will have to test for stability to make sure this is stable. Gaming is a good way to test, but a more thorough test is OCCT/Prime95/Intel Burn, ect as these will fully stress your cpu to assure that it is stable.
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