Need some help i have problems with overclocking to 3.8 i am currently using Corsair 4GB DDR2 XMS2 PC2-6400C5 TwinX (2x2GB) i originally had 8 gig but have had to send one set back RMA
I have had settings from people that have got 3.8 stable but they just dont work with me none have had corsair memory that i am using so i dont know if this memory is an issue, i can get it to 3.6 stable passes all tests but not any higher ,so i would like to try some different memory ,i here mushkin are good but dont know were in the uk that stocks it.
Could anyone tell me some good ram that overclocks well for this board and cpu
my system so far is:
Q9550 revision EO stepping A
CORSAIR CM2X2048-6400C5
ITB Samsung spinpoint
Asus DVD Drive
True black cooler
Creative X-Fi Titanium 7.1 PCI-E‎
Vista x64
Also is it not a good idea to have the llc enabled i see some people do and others warn against it.
All help is very much appreciated i would like to thank this forum for all the help you have given me i have learned alot since joining thank you everyone for your time