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Thread: GA-p35c-ds3r tricks me after a year

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    Default GA-p35c-ds3r tricks me after a year

    Hey guys!

    I bought a p35c-ds3r mobo in dec. 2007. It worked flawlessly for about a year, then a few days ago after booting vista, it shut down. Completely. I didn't really understand why, so I started the usual rounds, checking everything, from hard drives to memory. Nothing helped.

    The only thing I can not check is another CPU - I don't have a spare one. Everything is stock, I never overclocked anything, I updated the bios months ago, so I don't get it...

    Guesses anyone?

    GA-P35c-DS3R mobo (optimal defaults)
    INTEL Core2Duo E6750@2.66GHz (out of the box)
    Kingmax 1066 MHz RAM 2x1GB (works alright in other comp)
    MSI ATI Radeon HD2600Pro 256MB (works alright in other comp)
    LG SATA DVD (works alright in other comp)
    Samsung 400GB Sata HDD (works alright in other comp)
    450W PSU (works alright in other comp)

    And the whole rig worked alright for a full year...
    Thanks for your comments in advance!!


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    Default Re: GA-p35c-ds3r tricks me after a year

    And of course I left out a sentence:The computer now always shuts down when powered on. It runs for a few moments sometimes over a minute then shuts down.

    Sorry for the double post...

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