Hello I have just bought this board and connected it to my Plasma TV via HDMI with no problems. I use the optical out to my Z5500's and that also is fine. I installed Vista 32 from a vlite disc with the latest NVidia drivers integrated, from Gigabytes site. Also I integrated the chipset drivers and the Realtek 2.14 drivers. All works well, albeit running with an E2160 that I know overclocks well as it used to be in my main PC.
However I'm having a problem regarding overclocking.
I have disabled C1E, TM2 and EIST and then unlinked the FSB from the memory. The memory is left at 800mhz. It shows the FSB at 800mhz.
If I increase the FSB to 810mhz (to test) it will reboot at 10x200 = 2000mhz, the default speed for my E2180. I go back into the BIOS to note that the setting for the FSB is at 810 but the actual is at 800mhz. So am I missing something glaringly obvious here as to why my FSB is not increasing with my setting or is there something else going on..?

Thanks for any help