Greetings fellow TweakTown website members,

During 2008 Summer season I purchased computer equiped with GA-MA790X-DS4 mainboard. This mainboard - not only one I have, but all AMD chipset based mainboard series 7XX causin crashing while playing World of Warcraft. The problem occurs only in some WoW zones with only some graphical effects activated, everytime when I enter "wrong" zone with this effects turned on, computer is restarted or sometimes it was totally turned off, no warning, no events in logs, no BSODs even I deactivated auto-restarts. I tried nearly everything to fix the problem but nothing works. I changed other computer's components, performed bios flash to newest version. Have newest drivers, patches and updates(for hardware, OS and game). Tried to reinstall game, drivers and operating system. I have Windows Vista 32(with 64 same issue occurs). Otherways I can play everyother game, such as Crysis or Half-Life 2 without any issues and can do everything else with this computer. I tested it and is 100% stable, no overheating, no overclocking, no modding, stable powering voltage. My local reseller said that it is a software problem and my mainboard can not e replaced with new one that have other than AMD chipset. I also contacted Blizzard Tech support and they said my computer is affected and there are no problems in game(even few other players with similiar mainboards also have this problem).

Where problem happens:
Entering one of this WoW zones: Nagrand, Shattrath City, Maraudon, Wetlands, Teldrassil, Darnassus, Auberdine, Ashenvale, Terokkar Forest, Warsong Gulch.

When it happens:
Visiting these zones with activated Texture Filtering, Ground clutter density, Ground clutter radius effects cause restart immediatelly after entering them. Sometimes it has restarted randomly but only in zones written above.

This problems does not happen when game is running with OpenGL renderer, but I want to use standard Direct3D because on OpenGL I have fairly decreased rendering speed and new improved graphics are not availiable.

Athlon 64 X2 6000, 2GB RAM(Kingston Hyper-X), Gigabyte Geforce 8800 GT(256 version), Gigabyte GA-MA-790X-DS4, IDE Hard Drive, AOC 17 CRT, Silent Giant LC 420W PSU, Windows Vista 32, Fiber LAN internet connection, USB keyboard and mouse.

Thanks for any help provided.