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Thread: Tower block style CPU cooler and UD3R motherboard?

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    Default Tower block style CPU cooler and UD3R motherboard?


    I'm currently looking for a new CPU cooler for my Q6600 on the UD3R motherboard and was just wondering if the Akasa AK-966 Blue Aurora will be able to fit on fine in the proper orientation?

    Its currently running at 3.2Ghz overclock, 34-40c idle and 50-55c on normal load, 65-70c on Intel Burn Test/OCCT with an Akasa AK-961. (Does an okay job, but way too loud!)

    Due to how high the Northbridge heatsink is, I'm not so sure if there is enough clearance for this cooler to be mounted on properly. Budget limitations has led me to chose this particular cooler and from some reviews I've read, it seems to do a very good job, better than even the good old Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.

    If I had a bigger budget or maybe more time to save up, I probably would have gone for something like the Thermalright Ultra/TRUE (Which I know fits on this board fine), but only problem is due to the size of that itself.

    My case is a NZXT Lexa Classic - Silver, and I am just not so sure that monster of a cooler will be able to fit in properly, and so the Akasa seems to be about the reasonable choice due to its size.

    Others I may be interested in are the Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer
    or the Akasa AK-967 Nero.

    Any ideas please?

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    Default Re: Tower block style CPU cooler and UD3R motherboard?

    It should fir fine, the Tuniq Tower fits over the NB (the bracket has to have parts cut off to clear capacitors), and it's on of the largest tower sinks. The TRUE and Xigmtek 1283 clear it fine. Here's a good deal since it comes with the X-bow backplate... - XIGMATEK dark knight - s1283 120mm CPU Cooler - CPU Fans & Heatsinks

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    Default Re: Tower block style CPU cooler and UD3R motherboard?

    I'm using the OCZ Vendetta2 and it works great.
    Q9550 EO 4.0ghz 475x8.5 1.325v LLC on
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P f9c OCZ Vendetta2 w/bolt kit
    4x2gb OCZ PC2 8500 5-6-6-18 1.9v @950mhz
    Asus 4870 512 Scythe Musashi
    Ocz Gamextream 600w
    2x300gb Velociraptors RAID0
    CoolerMaster Stacker 830
    Dynex 32" HDTV on HDMI
    Vista Premium 64-bit

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    Default Re: Tower block style CPU cooler and UD3R motherboard?

    Unfortunately I live in the United Kingdom, and so Xigmatek coolers aren't widely available here.

    How much of a clearance do you need from the copper base up to the fins, as I just don't want to see the bottom touching the Northbridge heatsink plate?

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