As you know, 3.4Ghz (1:1 perfect) is stable. I was looking to try for higher. I've tried myself but have not been successful. Help would be appreciated.

Targets are 3.6Ghz, 3.8Ghz, and if possible on air (TRUE120 aluminium + 2x Scythe SFF21F), 4.0Ghz. My memory is Patriot Memory - Products

Below is my BIOS at 3.4Ghz...

HDD Smart = Enabled
Limit CPUID to 3 Max = ??
No Execute Mem Protect = Enabled?
C1E = Disabled
TM2 = Enabled
EIST = Disabled
Virtual Tech = Disabled
Legacy USB = Enabled << I use thumb drives sometimes, like my one for ps3 media viewing (.avi, etc.)

CPU Temp Alert = 70 degrees Celsius
Smart Fan = disabled (full speed)

RGB = Fast
CPU Ratio = x8.0
Fine CPU ratio = +0.5 << so multiplier is x8.5
FSB Frequency = 400Mhz
PCI-E Frequency = 100Mhz
CIA2 = Disabled
Performance Enhance = Standard
Sys Mem Multi = 2.00D << there is always a letter next to numbers here
Mem Frequency = 800mhz << set automatically, no user control
DRAM Timing Select = Manual << duh!

Standard Timings = 4-4-4-12

Advanced Timings:
act to act delay = 3
rank write to read delay = 3
write to precharge delay = 6
refresh to act delay = 62 << i have 2x2GB as you'll see by my mem's link
read to precharge delay = 6
static tread value = 8
static tread phase adjust = Auto << is zero, which cannot be user-set
command rate = 2T

CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving = 800mv << default and unchanged
CPU Clock Skew = Normal
(g)MCH Clock Skew = Normal

DDR2 OV Control = +0.30v
PCI-E OV Control = +0.10v
FSB OV Control = +0.10v
(g)MCH OV Control = +0.200v << nb voltage, i have 2x2gb
Loadline Cal = Disabled
Vcore Control = 1.27500v (between 1.248 and 1.264 in CPUZ)

So 3.6/3.8/4.0 are my targets. If anyone can help me reach even one of these, and be stable (when playing a modern 3d game, mostly), then I'll be very happy. :)