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    Default Issues with

    Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-DS3R Rev A2 (BIOS: 09/22/2008)
    Ram: OCZ 1066mhz (Model #: OCZ2F10662G)
    Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX/GTX+

    I'm hoping for some official Gigabyte help on this as I'm really baffled what is going on. I apologize for the long post, I feel this is all set up for you to understand my problem.

    2 months ago I bought your motherboard and the OCZ ram (4 gigs) and built a system. I don't OC anything and my system worked absolutely fabulous and was incredibly fast till this past week, when I rebooted it for something and all of a sudden the speed dropped like a rock.

    It now takes 2 minutes from the start of the windows load screen to the actual password enter screen. Before it was like 30 seconds. Firefox takes about 8-10 seconds to even appear on my screen when before this issue it would start around 1-2 seconds.

    I did a variety of tests and ended up running CPUZ and found that my ram speed had dropped for no reason whatsoever. I went on OCZ's site and talked to them since the ram seemed to be the biggest culprit. They told me to go into bios a tweak a few settings (most I had on auto originally), and see if that changes the speed any. Well I go into bios and all my original settings are still there when I had no problems.

    I make the tweaks and then the system is even slower than before. I did a memory test and found there was an error with the ram. They tell me to go in and just run one 2gig stick at a time and see if that helps with their suggested settings. It did help but VERY marginally.

    I ran the ram checker one more time and found that one stick was showing the same error but not the other, so I isolated that down. However, I'm not convinced the ram error is the issue because it's just as slow now as it was when all 4 gig were in place, and I'm not sure if there's a problem with the MB that -caused- the ram to go bad or not.


    The first problem I've had since day one is that I can't get the motherboard to accept any ram voltage other than the 1.8v default. The ram is suppose to have 2.0v (they say 2.0 on the forum, but the sticker on the ram itself says 2.2v), and if I go in and manually change the voltage and save it, it shuts down and starts up 2-3 times before finally moving onto the windows load screen.

    If I go back into bios after that it gives me a red popup window warning me that the ram voltage was unstable (can't remember exact message) and it found a safe number to use. (again, always 1.8v)

    Why can't I get this motherboard to accept anything other than default voltage?


    Is there any kind of diagnostic program I can run that will test the motherboard out to make sure that it's operating the way it should? I'm using the most up to date bios according to the updater (09/22/2008)


    Can you please tell me the most optimum bios settings for this type of ram?

    MCH CORE - 1.10v default (have it set to 1.280v per OCZ's instructions)
    MCH REFERENCE - .760v (set to auto)
    MCH/DRAM REFERENCE - .900v (set to auto)
    ICH I/O - 1.500v (set to auto)

    This is for the DRAM voltage listed in bios:

    DRAM VOLTAGE - 1.8v default (need it to go 2.0v or 2.2v but it won't)
    DRAM TERMINATION - .900v (set to auto)
    CHANNEL A REFERENCE - .900v (set to auto)
    CHANNEL B REFERENCE - .900v (set to auto)

    Also have the timing manually set to 6-7-7-15 per what the ram requires.


    I know this is a lot and I apologize, I'm just trying to get my head around what is causing my once super fast system to come to a crawl all of a sudden, and I want to eliminate all possibilities of what is causing the problem. Thank you!!!!!


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    Default Re: Issues with


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