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Thread: ga-p35-ds4 faulty, should I bother?

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    Default ga-p35-ds4 faulty, should I bother?


    I've been having problems with this board since I got it, but only a few days ago I realized it was the mboard and not the memory. Computer would give me blue screens from time to time, restarts, etc. I had 2 different Ballistix memory sets in it (first it was 2.2V, second the updated 2V). I installed a few days ago the regular Crucial memory. After many tests with Memtest, it seems that the banks 1 and 3 are faulty, I get errors when there are Dimms in those slots. Right now I have 2 Dimms with a total of 4gb in slots 2 and 4, still testing, no errors so far. I think the problem was there from the very beginning, anyway...Shout I return it to Gygabyte, if yes how long does it take, do they really fix it, or they just return it (in the same or worse condition then it gets there, as some others do). I need the computer running, can't really afford too much downtime.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: ga-p35-ds4 faulty, should I bother?

    I have this same board, it is the absolute worst motherboard I have had the misfortune of using.

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