This is my first post and the reason I joined this forum.*I did try and search for 15-20 minutes and read some of the other posts regarding this board. I just purchased a UDP3 motherboard and I also was able to purchase a 2x2Gb kit of Mushkin Redline PC8000 RAM. The new mobo was breeze to install into my case along with the other hardware, however after installing the OS (Windows XP Pro 32 for now) and updating I decided to OC ever so slightly and ran into problems.

I was NOT able to get a newer CPU, so I am currently using my E6850. I had an eVGA 680i SE board prior to this and just enjoyed cruising along at 3.4Ghz(a little over 10% OC). I was able to get this same clock (with the new RAM as well on this eVGA board) without doing much more than raising the FSB.

I know OCing can require a much greater depth of knowledge, but in this case I was probably spoiled. I did flash to the F7 BIOS today on the UD3P. I set all settings to default with the exception of setting the frequency to 333x9 for the CPU clock, the memory at STANDARD defaults to 400Mhz (5:6 ratio w/ timings at 5-5-5-18 2T).<--- This is the reading from cpuZ.

If I deviate(in anyway voltage/CPU clock/RAM/FSB) from these setting I get the dreaded several reboots before the BIOS goes back to the last stable settings and then loads to Windows XP.

Any thoughts, ideas, direction is greatly appreciated.