Hi all.

I've been having some problems involving my system to recognize a SATA HDD.

Right now my system is running well with a SATA HDD with Win XP Pro. I had another SATA HDD laying around (not "old", only about a year). It happens to be the same exact make & model of the one that's in my system now: A Western Digital(300) 320GB SATA HDD Caviar SE16.

I had downloaded the beta version of Windows 7 and burned it onto a DVD. Microsoft recommends not installing it onto your primary drive/ system since it is still in the beta stage and "glitches" in the OS could possibly damage files/ programs.

So since I had this "old" SATA drive nearby, I thought I'd install it onto that and check out Windows 7. This "old" drive is one I had from a previous system build, so all the information on it also has the "imprints" from other hardware, including a different make of motherboard, graphics card, etc. I didn't mind erasing all of the information on this drive as I didn't need it anymore.

I also put the SATA drivers onto a floppy diskette (I can't believe I still have one of these floppy "A" drives still laying around!!!!). I know these drivers are needed when installing an operating system from scratch because without it, the SATA HDD will not be "seen".

I boot from the Windows 7 DVD, it starts to go through setup, and then I see that message about "Press F6 if you........", so I press F6, and I "think" the SATA drivers are installed. But then I get to a point in the setup/ installation of Windows 7 where it's attempting to format the drive, and the progress bar gets to 100%, but then a message comes on-screen saying that the drive could not be formatted, that the drive may be corrupt. I don't believe it to be corrupt.

So let me ask some specifics:

I checked my Gigabyte motherboard's user manual, and do I have my SATA cable hooked into the correct slot? There are eight plugs on the MB for SATA drives (SATAII0, SATAII1, SATAII2, etc.) When I try the SATA drive to install Windows 7, I use SATAII0. Some of these plugs are yellow and some are purple. The purple ones I believe are GSATAII0 & GSATAII1.

Am I perhaps using the wrong plug on the MB?

Just to let you know, I am not doing a "RAID" array setup. I use only one SATA drive at a time. Right now my system has one SATA drive in it, the make & model I mentioned above. And when I try the beta Windows 7 installation, I completely disconnect my current drive and only hook up the other one (which, like I mentioned, happens to be the same make & model).

I saw something in the instructions about figuring SATA during BIOS setup. It mentions SATA/ IDE, RAID/ IDE, and then IDE and AHCI. This is all in the "Integrated Peripherals" section of the BIOS. Since I am using one and only one SATA drive and am not doing any kind of a RAID array setup (never have done one anyway), then which do I choose?

Any help or information anyone?

Which plug should I use on the motherboard for my SATA HDD? Yellow or purple? Which number? 0? 1? 2?

In BIOS Integrated Peripherals setup, how do I configure things? SATA/ IDE, RAID/ IDE, IDE or AHCI?

Thanks for any help, tips, or suggestions.