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Thread: probs with winxp install on ep45 ds3r

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    Default probs with winxp install on ep45 ds3r

    Hi there,

    this will be my maiden post so please be gentle.

    I've recently put together my system based around a ep45-ds3r, q6600, pc6400 kingston valueram 2x 1gig ( but intend to go to ocz 2x 2gb (ocz2P10004GK) ) seagate 500gig ST3500320AS and Bequiet! 650watt darkpower pro + Nvidia Quadrofx 3500, nec-optiarc dvdrewriter. But am not able to install windows xp pro eng.

    After it goes through copying some files i get a 'stop error screen' .
    Technical information:
    stop: 0x0000007B (0xf78D2524,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

    Anyone got any ideas?

    everything is properly connected and I get the same thing with 2 identical drives ( i intend to install the 2nd one after i get this base system up and running)

    thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: probs with winxp install on ep45 ds3r

    That is a Windows INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error. Assuming you are not using RAID or AHCI, you need to disable those settings in the BIOS if they are enabled. I think if you load the optimized defaults from the main bios screen those should be disabled by default. If you want to use RAID or AHCI you will have to make floppy's with those drivers and hit F6 at the appropriate time when booting to the Windows installation CD.
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    Default Re: probs with winxp install on ep45 ds3r

    Thanks, I think i may have figured something out though, or actually two things: 1: for some reason my first boot device had changed to flopp...weird, but that didn't solve the problem so started digging in the bios a bit more.

    First I tried Falesafe defaults: no luck, then I...and this is where # 2 comes in..I changed my ram speed from 667 to the rated 800mhz for my kingstons.

    Hey Presto! I'm now formatting my harddrive!! Hope everything goes well here and then i'll go back into the bios and change the voltage rating to 2.1 for my ocz ram which i intend to put in next time I boot up...unless that is the wrong way to go about things.

    It's just that I've read posts from people saying that they could only boot with 2.1v rated ram after they went through a boot on 1.8v.

    Thanks for your interest, anymore tips are welcome!

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