so i just got this ram the other day from newegg, mushkin 2x2gb 1066mhz 2.0-2.1v and im LOVING it. i pushed my E8400 to 4.2+ which is territory ive never been to. although i couldnt seem to get it stable :/

one issue though: when i first put in the ram (after clearing the CMOS), it recognized it @ 1066mhz. under the M.I.B. tweaker in bios, it says 1066. this is all at stock settings. however, once i upp the FSB to overclock, upon returning to the bios, it says 800mhz instead of 1066. as soon as i turn the cpu clock control off (333x9), and change the memory multi to 2.0 or 2.4, it says 800 instead of 1066.

so right now, im at 445x9, with the memory multi set to 2.4, which gives me 1068mhz (in bios). cpuz reports a 5:6 FSB:DRAM ratio, saying 534mhz. this is correct, no? is my mobo assuming false information? that is, it thinks i have 800mhz ram but really its 1066. shouldnt the ratio be 1:1? is this what is keeping me from being stable @ 4.2ghz?