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Thread: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

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    Default Re: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

    Answer : See if you can obtain OCZ2G8008GK modules, these modules our team has tested and can be tested again if needed to.
    Gigabyte tech support is just being retarted! They're testing with 2 module kits OCZ2G8008GK, where as everyone is having problem with 4 module kits [ex. OCZ2G80016GQ]. Also I had the OCZ2G80016GQ kit, but running the modules by themselves or in pairs of 2 or 3 never gave any error in memtest86+. Only when a 4th module is added would errors show up. The 4th module could be any one of the 4 modules, also if 1 of the 4 modules was a 2GB instead of 4GB, errors wouldn't show up.

    Also don't know about the cr@p they're complaining about my current RAM, 2 x OCZ2P8008GK/Platinum series, being old memory from OCZ. Because they're not on the EOL list on OCZ website. Also these modules are very similar to the OCZ2G80016GQ/Gold series, which previously I also had!

    Sent : 3/31/2009 09:40
    Question : Thats the kit I had; I said as much in the very first question [Question - 713116] I posted in this support ticket.

    OCZ2G8008GK = 8GB [2x4GB] Gold series DDR2-800 RAM, 5-5-5-18
    OCZ2G80016GQ = 16GB [4x4GB] Gold series DDR2-800 RAM, 5-5-5-18

    Both kits are the same RAM, the kit you listed is 2 modules for a total of 8GB and the module I had was a kit of 4 modules for a total of 16GB

    But your last answer tells me right away that your engineers are testing using only 2 RAM modules/banks! Please advise your engineers to buy 2 more modules & run a 4 RAM modules/bank test . I was able to run up to 3 of these OCZ2G8008GK/OCZ2G80016GQ modules at the same time, but adding the 4th, 4GB, module would produce errors in memtest86+.

    Currently I have 2 OCZ2P8008GK kits. They're the Platinum series but very similar to the Gold series, with timing 5-4-4-18.

    The main issue seems to be that your engineers are running tests with 2 4GB modules instead of 4. Ask them to run at least 24 hours of memtest86+ v2.11 with all 4 modules & then load an OS and run applications for at least an hour, preferably Vista x64 SP1 with all the drivers installed.

    I was able to pass memtest86+ v2.11 for more than 13 hours with 4 modules of OCZ2P8008GK kit, however I was never able to have a stable system, due to constant reboot/system freezing during or after Vista load. So if your engineers can make both Vista x64 & memtest86+ with all 4 modules installed, even if they're Gold series OCZ RAM instead of the Platinum series, ask them to make a detailed documentation of BIOS settings & OS/drivers. So that I may be able to use the same settings to have a stable system too.

    Model Name : GA-EP45-UD3P(rev. 1.0)
    M/B Rev : 1.0
    BIOS Ver : F7
    Serial No. : 085040005483
    Purchase Dealer :
    VGA Brand : MSI Model : HD 4850
    CPU Brand : Intel Model : Q9550 Speed : 2830
    Operation System : Vista 64-bit SP :
    Memory Brand : Type : DDRII
    Memory Size : 16384 Speed : 800
    Power Supply : 850 W

    OCZ OCZ2G80016GQ
    Answer - 739159

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    Default Re: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

    Ouch, did you show this to OCZ and have them send a official reply to Gigabyte?

    You are right, it looks like someone is trying to blow off testing. OCZ Sent them the modules you have correct, that's what I gather from the thread at OCZ site. What gives, did you ask the Guy who you was in contact with there if they did indeed send them those modules?

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    Default Re: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

    OCZ has been trying to contact Gigabyte engineers for almost 2 to 3 months now. But OCZ says Gigabyte never got in touch with them and the exchange never took place; of Gigabyte sending UD3P & OCZ shipping them 16GB kits.

    On the contrary Gigabyte says they're in contact with OCZ regarding this issue; I think its total BS by Gigabyte!

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    Default Re: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

    I get this reply after almost 3 weeks of hiatus from Gigabyte. Also they claimed many times in the past of getting in contact with OCZ, which OCZ flatly denied. This time I want to verify Gigabytes claims.

    Answer : Hello

    We do apologize for delay reply, we are still awaiting for OCZ to send us the memory so we can confirm the issue which you are having. We will let you know once we receive any updates.

    Sent : 4/24/2009 18:11
    Question : That was an almost 3 weeks late reply. So you're stating that you have finally contacted OCZ and asked them to provide the Platinum/Gold series 16GB kits?

    Could you please tell me who you contacted from OCZ and also the exact model number of the OCZ kit that you requested? I will try to expedite the process by contacting OCZ directly through their forums. This way I can also verify your claim that Gigabyte has contacted OCZ, as you have claimed this many a time in the past.

    By the way you can also purchase these kits form AMAZON.COM, NEWEGG.COM or other etailers online.

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    Default Re: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

    I am curious if you hear something from both parties if 16GB is going to work?

    I have a setup of Q9550 GA-EP45-UD3P.

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    Default Re: Ga-ep45-ud3p + ocz 16gb ram

    I dragging this OLD thread up because I'm trying to keep my old PC somewhat relevant.

    Does anyone have 4x4GB=16GB from their old ep45-ud3p they want to sell.

    I know it's old school but I'm too lazy to rebuild my system from the ground up.

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