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Thread: New GA-EP45-DQ6 Motherboard may be DOA

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    Default New GA-EP45-DQ6 Motherboard may be DOA

    I have reason to believe that I have a faulty motherboard. I have followed all the guidelines in the manual and have built my own computers several times.

    I just purchased the motherboard brand new along with a brand new Coolmaster Extreme Power 500W PSU, and 4 x 1GB AENEON DDR2 1066 Mhz sticks of ram - all 2 days ago.

    I put over existing working hardware from my old computer to the new board (3.0GHz Pentium D Dual Core CPU, Radeon 256 MB Video Card, SATA HD, SATA DVD Writer)), connected up the Motherboard with the 20+4 pin connector and the 4+4 pin 12V connectors on the board and turned on the power, but the motherboard didn't make any beeps or show any video output from the card. The CPU fan also didn't spin, but the System Fan does spin. On the Phase LED light status, I have all the LEDs light up - 4 Green, 4 Yellow, 4 Red. The MD1 LED is Green, the MD2 LED is Yellow. There is also 2 LEDs near the battery which have been lit up as well - One Green, One yellow as well.

    The CPU_LED is blue. I do not see any video, and neither hear any sound.
    To diagnose if it was conflicting hardware, I went ahead and removed all the power connections to my HDs, DVD writer, all SATA connections, all 4 sticks of Ram (except for 1), took out the video card, and any other PCI cards, took out all the pin connections other than the Power switch pin connector. And tried to turn it on again, but still couldn't not hear any sounds or even get the CPU fan to spin, though it was connected properly. The Computer case fan did spin and that was connected to the motherboard.

    I cleared the CMOS through the quick motherboard button (while the PSU was on and off). Turned off the PSU (discharged the electricity from the board by pressing the power button) and cleared the CMOS by contacting the 2 jumper pins for over 5 seconds and tried again and still the same problem.
    I have taken pictures of the motherboard for you with the bare minimum connections:
    Flickr: cnl18s' Photostream

    So that you can see the LEDs and what was set up. If you look closely, you can see the 2 fans (CPU is NOT spinning, but the case fan is spinning).

    My situation looks to be similar to this same issue:

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Default Re: New GA-EP45-DQ6 Motherboard may be DOA

    I have found a resolution for the issue.

    I brought back the motherboard and ram back to the store I bought it at, and an engineer tested the motherboard with another CPU and was able to get it running. The engineer flashed my motherboard with the latest bios, but still didn't get the board running. The fan did spin slightly after every 5 seconds, but didn't show any video.

    It turns out, even though the cpu I used from another working system was moved over, and the motherboard does say it supports Pentium Dual Core, I guess it depends on which Pentium Dual Cores - so check before you buy this motherboard.

    My processor was a Pentium Dual Core 3.0 Ghz, 800 Mhz FSB, 1 Mb Cache L2.

    So I bought another CPU (E7400 - Penium Core 2 Duo 2.8 Ghz, 3 MB Cache) for this and now it works fine. It's a really nice looking mobo if you can get it on sale.

    If anyone else has additional problems, this is the response I got back from Gigabyte Support, 2 days after I went back to the shop and solved the problem:


    Please disconnect all components from the board except for the cpu along with heatsinkfan, do make sure that you have your case speaker connected to the board and listen for any types of post beeps. If none please check your processor and attempt to test it elsewhere or with an functional processor onto this board. If processor is confirmed to be functional the issue appears to be related to the motherboard and you will need to contact your vendor regarding warranty issue if it was purchased under 30 days. If over you can submit an rma request for warranty issue through our website below, make sure that you read through all agreements before submitting the request.


    Thank you

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    Default Re: New GA-EP45-DQ6 Motherboard may be DOA

    Just for your information, I had a similar situation where on startup, I would get a continuous loop right after the G. Logo where it would shut down and then restart and then shut down.
    The LEDs for the GD1 & GD2 and the MD1 & MD2 were lighted orange consistent with overvoltage.
    I spoke with Corsair and they sent me a new Hx1000W that I connected last night. The problem has gone away and everthing is working normally. It turns out, I think, that the PSU had a defective capacitor that was not completely discharging at shutdown. On restart, there was then extra voltage applied to the MB giving the orange LEDs.
    I have sent the PSU back to Corsair for confirmation.
    Hope your system is working now.

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