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Thread: EP45-DS3L - System stability issues

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    Default EP45-DS3L - System stability issues

    Hi guys,

    I've got a huge problem, I've typed this out 3 times now because my system crashes as I'm finishing it!

    CPU: E7200
    Mobo: EP45-DS3L
    RAM: 2x1GB OCZ Reapers 1066mhz
    BIOS: F10
    OS: Vista 32-bit

    I tried tweaking things, I've got it running in dual channel mode (I wasn't aware I had to change the slots to 1- 3) So you can see I'm a noob with this whole situation.

    Here is the problem now. CPUZ is showing weird speeds for the ram I have.

    How can I get this running in 1066mhz?! I tried to tweak the bios a little bit -- but it resulted in a lot of bad booting, no posts, and now random blue screening in windows vista.

    Have I damaged the ram somehow? I didn't tweak too far, but what settings should I have set in the BIOS to acheive the settings I'm lookin gfor? Sorry for the really poor question, I tried searching beforehand, but yeilded nothing.

    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: EP45-DS3L - System stability issues

    DDR2 rated speed is double the actual clock frequency. CPU-Z is showing you the actual clock. When CPU-Z shows 533MHz, your RAM is running at the full 1066MHz.

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    Default Re: EP45-DS3L - System stability issues

    Thank you.

    Now I have to solve this problem with random crashing.

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