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Thread: Help to overclocking a q9550 ga-ep45-ud3p

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    Default Re: Help to overclocking a q9550 ga-ep45-ud3p

    Hi andypepp,

    Don't you want your dram freq and your fsb to have a 1:1 ratio? Would prevent a bottleneck. I think you should increase your dram freq to 900MHz. Your memory latch (MCH Freq Latch) should be at 400 instead of auto. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    Also, you should try bringing down your memory timings to 4, 4, 4, 12 from 5, 5, 5, 15.

    Then again, that 1:1 ratio may only apply to AMD boards. I just had to throw that out there.
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    Default Re: Help to overclocking a q9550 ga-ep45-ud3p

    I used a Q6600 with the same board as yours, ep45-ud3p. Here are my results

    Maybe this can help a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pchaplo View Post

    What is XP SP3 slipstream?. You have Vista 64 SP1 on your new build list? Can you tell me about what you are doing. I just stepped onto the learning curve here...
    A slipstream, is taking your windows CD/DVD and copying it onto your hard drive. Then like if you had an XP service pack 1 cd and didnt want to go through all of the automatic updates to get it to service pack 3. So you use a program nlite or similar to install the service pack onto the copy on your computer. Then you burn a new install CD. Its a lot faster if you have to install your OS again.

    You can do many other things, like add programs that you always use into the install CD. Or remove windows programs that you dont use. Or you can make it "unattended" which you input all of your info into it, so you dont have to type your name/region and the CD key in everytime, makes it so you just put the cd in and walk away, when you come back it will be fully installed with no input from you.

    If you want more info check this forum for starters:
    MSFN Forums

    Here's there guide:
    MSFN's Unattended Windows : Unattended Windows Introduction

    Anyway I have some testing to do tonight, so far the Q9650 is a beast and booted right up at 480x9.

    It failed OCCT after 30min so I have to tweak the CPU ref /MCH ref as well as maybe VTT and MCH core till I find the sweet spot.

    So far it needs higher VTT and MCH/MCH ref than my E8400. But it does the same clocks on the same Vcore, just runs hotter
    New Q9650, Gigabyte UD3P, 4GB OCZ Platinum, Asus TOP 4850, Antec TP3 550W, Vista 64 SP1/XP SP3.

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    Default Re: Help to overclocking a q9550 ga-ep45-ud3p

    hello everyone, i'm new with this overeclocking thing, and i have the same processor and same MOBO as this person...i did everything exactly the same as him/her, besides this part that i didn't think wud matter that much...

    Fine CPU Clock Ratio............................[ + 0.0 ]
    CPU Frequency 3.8GHz............................[ 475 x 8.0 ]

    my cpu clock ratio by default was [ + 0.5] so i didn't change it, and frequency was 4.02ghz [475 X 8.5]

    i also left ICH and ICH I/O voltage at stock cuz andy said that his system passed @ stock.

    THE PROBLEM IS WHEN I RESTARTED THE COMPUTER...IT KEEPS ON RESTARTING, AND DOES NOT EVEN ALLOW ME TO GO TO BIOS to change anything...what did i do wrong, and how can i fix it? any help would be greatly appriciated.

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