I have built this rig myself so I know everything works.
Core2 quad Q6600
2GB Corsair Ram at 800Mhz
9600GT Palit card
4 HDD drives
2 DVD drives

The PC is not overclocked. It has Winxp Sp3. Updated Bios from F4 to F10. Now the PC works fine if I restart computer by going to the shutdown but sometimes computer freezes due to zonealarm which used to happen with my previous build as well(zonealarm issue). Anyway there are several other reasons to hit the restart button. Sometimes and only when I hit the restart the Cmos checksum error comes up and the default F4 bios is loaded. I then cant get into windows since windows cant recognize the harware due to downgrade of bios.

So I fire up another hardrive go through winxp sp3 install and make sure I dont update windowsxp. Then I run @Bios and update to F10 Bios version and reconnect the original hard drive and wow it gets into windows since it now recognises the hardware as per the correct bios version. Anyway I have been doing this since I originally brought this about 6 months ago and done this process at least 20+ times. Its a pain but I figure gigabyte says "we cant dupilcate the problem, take the PC to their service centre which is about 50-100 Km away. This cant be the cmos battery since I have completely turned OFF my PC at the power point after a proper shut down and Started it back up without any probelms. During all of the times I got this error I had the gigabytes energy saving utility running. I will be doing some tests soon without running this utility and see if this problem comes up. I dont know how Gigabyte can say they cant duplicate the issue when so many in this forum have the same problem.

I hope a gigabyte tech person in the forum can help with this issue.