I have just upgraded my PC with this MOBO with Intel dual core CPU 2.66, 4GB Corsair Mem. Arctic cooler and a 425 w PSU. I also have a 256 MB Gigabyte 8400GS PCI-E Graphics card.
I started off with Vista home premium but it was so picky I started again and went back to my XP Pro.. However, in both configurations, at start up there's a Wacky Gigabyte splash screen with some options. Tab, del , F9, & F 12. This sits there for minutes literally even after I press for appropriate key to POST, Setup etc. This, no doubt because I ran the disk that cane with the MOBO. Now I can't get rid.
I can't see where it is coming from or I could delete it (can't see it even in DOS using Attrib)
1. If I use my standby Win 98 boot FDISK then format will that upset anything?
2. Is there any way of getting rid of the ruddy thing from inside windows?