Hi All: New to this forum, but have been building my own custom PC's for a long time. I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4, Revision 2 motherboard along with 4 GB of Mushkin Performance 8500-2 memory. This system has been up and stable for close to 6 months, but this last week I had to take it down to firmware update a Seagate drive and add additional storage. Everything seemed to go fine until I went to reboot and I encountered what has become known as the deadly endless reboot problem. It's possible that I have bad RAM (Mushkin replaced 2 of the 4 GB originally, though all 4 modules tested fine and have been stable for over 6 months) and I am in the process of some rather exhaustive testing, using Memtest+ v1.70. I have spent days trying to get this ram stable with this motherboard. I do NOT overclock, so my needs are rather modest, a stable system for running Linux :) I have read many threads on this problem and have tried multiple combinations, but I cannot get memory to run stable for 24 hours straight without errors. Would someone mind posting for me what the proper memory timings, and voltages should be for this motherboard with this memory? I know the DDR voltage range tolerance for this memory should be 2.2 to 2.35v I will be happy to post the particulars I am using, but right now I am running yet another Memtest. I would be grateful for any ideas anyone has who has run into this before with this board or similar :) Many Thanks, -Dan