Hi Guys,

I have been playing around with this all weekend now to no avail. Basicly i have onboard sound from Gigabyte ga-m57sli-s4, i have connected this via optical to Sony Dav-DZ260.

All of the settings in Vista i have ticked for spdif and the output seems to show as working. But still i get no sound from the DVD player in passthrough mode.

I have just formatted the PC and re-installed Vista ultimate and used the latest realtek drivers but still no luck.

I have attached some images as to the screens i have, even the test buttons give no audio.

If i untick pass through mode in the realtek manager i do get sound but how can i get this to work with pass through because i want the dvd player to do the decoding.

A few wierd things are in the realtek HD manager why is Digital input ticked?? I cannot stop this because i want the output. I can set digital output to default but still no change.

Also in the device properties why does it show;
Rear panel optical jac
rear panel rca jack

Because im only using 1 optical wire.

Let me know how i can get passthough to work PLEASE>

Thanks guys!!