Hi All,

Can anyone help out a noob with overclocking an i7 920 on a EX58-DS4?

I have managed to overclock to 4GHz, and had it stable, before using Gigabytes guide to overclocking on an EX58-Extreme and messing with the Vcore and QPI/VTT volts but had to reset my BIOS for an unrelated issue. Unfortunately, being a bit dim, i neglected to write down my settings.

On top of that I have now flashed the BIOS to F4 which seems to limit the QPI/VTT volts i can enter and the RAM voltage. I can now get it booted to 4GHz (BCLK - 200, Uncore - X13, CPU - 1.4000v, QPI/VTT - 1.35v, RAM (3G of 1600) down to 1200 frequency with 1.5v) and windows loads fine but after a minute of stress loading I get blue screen.

I have been advised on another forum that I should not raise my QPI/VTT over 1.35 for fear of frying the CPU but I know it was higher than that when I successfully OC'd. BIOS F4 limits it to 1.495 max but I'm pretty sure it was higher than that too!

Has anyone successfully OC'd to 4GHz stable? I'd be interested in hearing peoples settings and CPU speeds on this board with an i7 920 and any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.