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Thread: Thermal compound advise

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    I think too many sites go totally overboard on how to apply thermal compound. You only need to look how it's applied to GPU cores/heatsinks to realise a measured dollop of it is used. If there is sufficient HSF to core pressure the surplus should always squeeze out.

    I used Thermal Compound for years (as a bench engineer) on equipment from output transistors (on hifi) to regulator chips on switch mode power supplies and in all that time I never used the level of fuss suggested by some of the cpu guides found on the web.

    If you check the bottom of the Intel stock 2CD HSF you'll see that even this method results in perfect coverage.
    Intel 360° View - Intel Stock Core 2 Duo Heatsink - stock Core 2 Duo heatsink FrostyTech Review *picture at bottom of page.

    Too little compound can be worse than too much, if the pressure is there. Usually once you've manipulated the HSF so that the clips or pins etc engage to the board, the HSF would have slid across the core a number of times in different directions. If thats not enough to scrape away the excess the contact pressure should be.

    I have no doubt that "lapping" and different methods of applying x amounts of compound can have different results, but in the main the differences are subtle and far too small to lose any sleep over.
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    I re-seated the cooler last night and now I`ve got 33-36 degrees at idle which is a little cooler but when I ran Linx for 20 passes, problem size 14000 the highest temp I saw was 61 degrees which is 12 degrees cooler than before.

    I call that a result

    One thing I did notice was the thermal compound hadn`t squeezed out to the edges, it was only covering around 1/3 of the chip surface so I applied a bit more this time. I`ll check it again later this week and re-seat it again although it`s a bit of a PITA to get to two of the screws.

    Thanks again for the input and advice.

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