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Thread: Overheating problem from the surface of the sun with GA-MA78G-DS3H !

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    Default Overheating problem from the surface of the sun with GA-MA78G-DS3H !

    I really really hope somebody can help me on this one, because this motherboard is just about to get the axe (and I mean a real axe, like in destroying said motherboard). I recently built a basic gaming computer for my girlfriend, nothing special, here are the specs :

    - Windows Vista Home Basic 64 bit
    - AMD Athlon X2 5600
    - ATI Radeon HD 4830
    - 2GB DDR 2 RAM
    - Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H

    The problem is that we've been experiencing frequent and random system reboots since we started using the computer. There is no pattern in this, it can happen after 10 minutes or 3 hours, completely random. I've been over all the basic stuff already, I updated every imaginable drivers, checked configuration options and obviously there is no dust in this computer as it is rather new. After a few days I started suspecting overheating even though the system is decently ventilated.

    After checking the temps with multiple programs (Core Temp, Speedfan, Everest, HWmonitor), I had one hell of a surprise. One temperature sensor, labelled TMPIN1, was showing an idle temp of 93 Celsius. That temperature can get as high as 100 Celsius + when playing games, now that would be hot enough to make water boil, which is very bad. Every other temp readings are very good. GPU never gets much higher than 55C, CPU temp is 45 C when idle, goes to around 55 C under load and other motherboard sensors (TMPIN 0 and 2) stay around 35 40 C.

    Can anyone tell me what the hell is TMPIN1 supposed to represent ? I can't get this information anywhere on the internet. I don't know much about computers but I originally thought that this reading could be wrong... yet the system does constantly reboot when under load, which points to a real overheating problem. What can I do ?! Any suggestions are welcome.

    P.S : Excuse my english if there are any mistakes, it's not my first language.

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    Default Re: Overheating problem from the surface of the sun with GA-MA78G-DS3H !

    I've seen other users report a high figure as per yours, but have the actual core temperature monitoring report safe values.

    First of all I would check in the bios as to see what it reports Cpu temp wise (Pchealth page).
    Ok it's not under load in the bios, but neither is C1 working either (which essentially keep the cpu cooler whilst at idle in windows - ie invoked by OS), so you should get some reasonable feedback.

    Assuming all is well CPU wise, ie it's mounted correctly and the fan is spinning either at a variable rate (auto in bios) or at a fixed rate, it's likely that you could have memory setup problems.

    Using Vista too will also highlight any "less than perfect" memory that you have due to it's ASLR mechanism, which was introduced for security.

    I highly recommend that you download the memtest iso zip, unzip and burn image to CDr/w. Also make sure your cd/dvd drive is the first bootable drive in the bios. The program is self bootable and runs itself too.
    Alternatively you can run the Vista Memory diagnostic program and run the extended test, with default cache setting. Approx 1 pass will last around 3-4hours.
    Personally I prefer using memtest as it gives the user a lot more feedback.

    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
    GA-P35C-DS3R Rev2.0 F11 bios, E8200 (@3.0Ghz), OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Reaper 4GB (@1200Mhz), Xonar D1, 8800GTS 512, Corsair HX520 (Single 12volt line, Max 40A), WDC 3200aaks/5000aaks in AHCI mode, Vista 64 Premium.

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    Default Re: Overheating problem from the surface of the sun with GA-MA78G-DS3H !

    Sometimes temperature sensors will give bogus readings, and yours looks like one. This is because the monitoring program doesn't know your mainboard well enough ans misinterprets the data coming from said sensor.

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    Default Re: Overheating problem from the surface of the sun with GA-MA78G-DS3H !

    Thx for the replies. I'm starting to think the sensor readings are indeed bogus. As VorLonUK suggested, I'll start looking into memory and a potential CPU overheating issue causing my random reboots. I intend to run memtest a bit later today when I get back home, I'll keep you informed. Thanks again for the help.

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