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Thread: Goofy questions

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    Default Goofy questions

    So I have my new GA-EP45-UD3R and love it. Everything (knock on wood) seems to be running fine. I did not "Install All" off of the disc included w/ the mobo as the 1st time I did that I had to reformat my drive to get USB working again. I now have full functionality, but I have a couple questions:

    1) My board doesn't stay on the POST screen. I get the Gigabyte splash page where you can hit 'DEL' or 'TAB' etc...then a super quick glimpse of the POST page, then it goes to verifying DMI, then loads the OS. Is this a normal boot up?

    2) As stated, I didn't DL everything off of the included disc. Is there an application on there (or elsewhere) that will provide me a real-time desktop view of my current system stats? (CPU temp, Sys Temp, fan speeds, etc...)

    3) My BIOS rev is not the latest...does it buy me anything to upgrade to f6? Or should I leave well enough alone? I have no intentions of overclocking at this point. I would like to be certain I have a stable system for a little bit before I start messing with things


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    Default Re: Goofy questions

    1. Disable Full Screen logo show in Advanced options in the BIOS to properly show the POST screen

    2. There is Easytune 6, but people sometimes report crashes when it's installed. To monitor the CPu I'd use CPU-Z, Coretemp for accurate readings of the CPU temp and Everest Ultimate for everything else

    3. If you don't have any problems, leave it! Overclockers usually update the BIOS to see if performance icnreases, but if you don't OC to the absolute maximum and have no other issues leave the BIOS as it is

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    Default Re: Goofy questions

    Agreed with the above poster on the issue of the BIOS. I have that same board, and upgraded from F5 to F6. No difference. In fact, the board doesn't even have the chip that the new F6 supports, so there is no point.

    Like you, I had to get used to the Gigabyte boot. You can disable full screen logo to see how the boot process is doing, or if you have to see a picture, there is a Gigabyte Utility to replace the boot picture to something of your liking. Not my cup of tea...

    Easytune 6 is not the best monitoring software. I use CPU-Z for my needs.

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    Default Re: Goofy questions

    groovy...thanks for the info guys.

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