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Thread: UD3P MCH Reference

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    Default UD3P MCH Reference

    Why some pple say when u raise the "cpu termination" and "mch core" u must lower the mch reference?
    Atm i have 1.28 cpu termination and 1.26 mch core.
    what value put in mch reference?

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    Default Re: UD3P MCH Reference

    You might know the reference voltages under the name "GTL"
    Reference should be increased automatically by the board as cpu termination and mch core is increased and the boards will automatically do so to keep the reference voltages at a fixed percentage of the voltage they're referring to.
    What you might have read is that you should lower the reference voltages, i.e. lower their relative size as compared to the voltage they're referring to. They'll still increase as you increase termination and mch though (and that's a good thing as you want the relative size to stay the same).

    Reference voltages have an effect on signal quality and will allow you to overclock higher when you're already close to the maximum frequency. If you're not going for the maximum then don't bother messing with them.

    Some further reading if you want to know more:
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R Living Review - Page 2 - Clunk's Forums. (starting at the bottom of the post)

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