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Thread: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

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    Question GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Computer will reboot randomly. By reboot I mean it simply turns off, no BSoD, and starts back up. This will happen at completely different time intervals. Sometimes 10 minutes after starting, other times 2 hours.

    I've left the computer on without it running any major programs and it eventually reboots. One clue though, is that the computer will almost certainly reboot under any major usage. Examples: copying large files, playing any graphic-intensive games

    I built this computer only a few days ago, installed Vista, and have not done any overclocking or major bios changes. What I have tried is switching out the memory, using only 1 stick, using a different video card, and running XP. Nothing I tried helped.

    This is not a reboot loop that I've seen other posts about. I can always get into main OS for a while before it reboots. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz
    G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800
    Thermaltake 850-Watt TR2 RX Power Supply
    EVGA GeForce GTX 280

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Gidday J.F. I have a similar problem with random reboots as you describe.

    Have you tested your memory with memtest? I get clear run like you describe during which memtest shows no errors, but after a crash see heaps. Running memtest off a CD at boot up shows no probs with the memory, so suspect memory setting in bios?

    Be interested to see if you experience something similar.

    cheers, walt_D

    EP45-DS3L / Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8500 2x1GB / E8500 / Scythe Infinity / 4870 1GB / Samsung 1TB + .5TB / Enermax Liberty 620W / Silverstone FT01

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Yes, try checking for stability with Prime 95 or memtest.

    This may be a defective PSU from your description, try a different one if you can.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Do you mean it turns off completely for a second or two then starts up again? I had this with my board, and it was a PSU issue. For what it's worth, mine was also an 850W unit.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Did you try and see if your heatsink was put in correctly cause that's what happen to mine.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Before swapping/rma ing psu's make sure it isnt vdroop/voltage drop.
    My own psu gives .03-.05 voltage drop on memory,depending on load and speed.
    Motherboards with no voltage adjustment generally indicate 1.82-1.84 volts for memory in bios.ej standard is 1.8v
    Why? because of line voltage drop.This varies from psu to psu/load and amount of overclock.
    On standard settings it doesnt matter if cpu recieves a little less voltage than specified or mch either,Once you start to overclock those you may have to bump voltages up a bit.

    Most of us here are using "performance" memory of one type or another,which wont/may not operate at ddr2 standard voltage of 1.8v or a little less .

    So just to eliminate vdroop add .05 volt to the recommended voltage in the bios.
    If your memory is supposed to run at xxxxmhz at x-x-x-x timings at 1.9volt
    set it to run at 1.95 volt,it wont do it any harm.
    If recommended voltage is 2.1volt at a particular speed set it to 2.15 volt in bios or whatever is closest.

    Im running 2 sticks of 2g 800mhz ram (the performance profile setting needs 1.9v but im running it at at much higher speeds)I get vdroop on it even at standard speeds tho.

    We can suppose that even at standard memory settings the more sticks you have the more voltage you will need.So maybe with 4 sticks you might need .06-.08voltage set in bios to compensate for voltage drop.

    2.3 volt and above is supposed to shorten memory life dramatically,so im not suggesting you enter any voltages that high in bios.

    To monitor your own pc's voltage line drop use "speedfan" for cpu core and memory,cpuz shows cpu vlt drop.
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    hoping to upgrade to

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Okay thanks for these suggestions. I'll try out everything here and run memtest a few more times. If nothing else I'll switch out different parts to try and isolate any hardware issues.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Quote Originally Posted by samuelmorris View Post
    Do you mean it turns off completely for a second or two then starts up again? I had this with my board, and it was a PSU issue. For what it's worth, mine was also an 850W unit.
    Actually, after paying more attention when it crashes, I noticed the computer doesn't completely shut off. At least the fans continue to run without any noticable gap.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    Also, look into the XP limit on RAM recognition. You have 4GB of RAM, XP only recognizes 3GB.
    I am having the same problem with my new system (a gigabyte board with 4GB GSkill) in XP, but not in windows7 beta (at least not yet...crosses fingers)

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R Random Reboots

    I ran 4GB in XP for almost a whole year with no problems I would attribute to RAM.
    Core 2 Quad Q9550 E0 @ 3.65Ghz
    Gigabyte X48-DS5
    2x2GB Corsair XMS2 PC8500C5
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