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Thread: EX58 Extreme - Tubing Size for NB Block

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    Default EX58 Extreme - Tubing Size for NB Block

    What tubing size is recommended for the nb block on the EX58 Extreme? The manual states 7.5mm ID with 10mm OD. That equates to 1/4" ID and 3/8" OD. However, in other reviews I read that GB recommends 3/8" ID and 1/2" OD? So which one is it?

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    Default Re: EX58 Extreme - Tubing Size for NB Block

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    Default Re: EX58 Extreme - Tubing Size for NB Block

    didn't see that review. thanks for the link and your help! luckily, i have a 3/8" loop.

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    Default Re: EX58 Extreme - Tubing Size for NB Block

    And thank you too

    I had the very same question and finally found the answer in this forum.

    The Gigabyte Technical Help - Ask a Question was useless, it appeared to me that a computer was trying to answer the question and not a person.

    I dialed up a person and they had no clue as to where in the USA one could get 7.5mm Id. tubing.

    I leave this for others to stumble upon:
    • 6mm 0.24In 3.78/16 (1/4" Tubing)
    • 7mm 0.28In 4.41/16
    • 7.5mm
      Specified by Gigabyte for their NorthBridge water block on page 16 of the GA-EX58-Extreme User's Manual Rev. 1002.
    • 8mm 0.31In 5.04/16
      Bitspower offers metric 8mm ID by 10mm OD & 11mm OD
    • 9mm 0.35In 5.67/16
    • 10mm 0.39In 6.30/16 (3/8" Tubing)
      D-Tek offers a metric 10mm
    • 11mm 0.43In 6.93/16
      Danger Den offers 7/16In ID by 5/8In OD Tubing,
      Bitspower offers Barb for 7/16 ID and compression for 7/16 ID by 5/8 OD
    • 12mm 0.47In 7.56/16
      D-Tek offers a metric 12mm
    • 13mm 0.51IN 8.19/16 (1/2" Tubing)
    • Tygon 3603 1/2" with 1/8" Wall Bitspower has Compression Fittings.
    • Bitspower has fittings for 3/8 ID
    • Danger Den Fat-Boy fittings look like Bitspower
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    Under construction & my first build: GA-EX58-Extreme R1.0 with i7-965 CPU underneath a EnzoTech Luna Rev. A water block, 3Gig 2000MHz DDR3 Kingston KHX16000D3K3/3GX with Koolance RAM-35 water blocks, 1 BFG GTX 295 H2O video card, all connected to a Koolance 2000 Watts ERM-2K3U external radiator unit. Turbo-Cool 1200 ESA PSU in a Lian Li PC-P80 chassis with W-75BT transparent side panel & PE-01 PSU mounting bracket, all sitting on a W2B Case Carriage. - - - More components as $& (money) becomes availiable.

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