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Thread: High rate of bad boards made in China ???

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    Default High rate of bad boards made in China ???

    I remmy I have old motherboards were made in Taiwan and never had one single problem with RAM slots like that but this board UP3R I have that made in China which I don't trust them from bad quality control and poor testing hardware before ships out overseas.

    Why Gigabytes choose cheap made in China ??? How much it worth to made motherboard ? poor china kids suffer hard work labor and get little pay as maybe a quarter an hour ?

    What about Taiwan ? or made in USA !!!

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: High rate of bad boards made in China ???

    Prob lower labor costs.

    And i dont think made in china motherboards r cheap...think of items we use each day which are made in china?

    Maybe there are some dodgy boards hereand there but mostly good boards.
    beta make sure u control wat u say.
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    Default Re: High rate of bad boards made in China ???

    Gigabyte is actually one the manufaturers who still makes more than most other manufacturers in Taiwan.
    I did some research a while back looking at close-ups of higher-end boards. Most Asus boards are from China, as are most of the DFIs (they actually had the same board come form Taiwan frist, then from China).
    And mainboard production is pretty labor intensive and it's probably not the most sought after job in Taiwan anymore... Take a look at this:
    How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour -

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