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Thread: Creative X-Fi no sound with Gigabyte UD-5 X-58 board

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    Default Re: Creative X-Fi no sound with Gigabyte UD-5 X-58 board

    Hi Torwak.

    From your "advanced clock control" screenshot it looks like you did not load optimized defaults before OC'ing.

    If you load Optimized defaults, values change to:
    "Cpu Clock drive = 800", and "PCI Express clockdrive = 900" (I think)
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    Default Re: Creative X-Fi no sound with Gigabyte UD-5 X-58 board


    I increased the values Cpu Clock drive = 800, and PCI Express clockdrive = 900 however it didn't help me out about enable my HT option. It seems like not enough voltage for it.

    Btw at least I break 25k wall. However my CPU score is low because of I can't enable HT option.

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    Default Re: Creative X-Fi no sound with Gigabyte UD-5 X-58 board

    Manually changing those setting does not help as it would not apply all other hidden settings that optimized defaults load.

    So please try again, but load optimized defaults and start over with entering all your settings after you reboot. You will HAVE TO set your SATA/Disk settings again before you load windows, do not forget

    That is a lot of Vcore for only 4Ghz. I see most get that at 1.25-1.3 with HT enabled. I use 1.34 and I think my CPU is volt hungry, so I think you may need some other voltage set and then you would not think you need so much Vcore.

    But now that I look again, I do see you are running 20x200, I have only ran 21x190 (Needs 1.34) and 21x200 needs 1.36-1.376 those are CPU-z voltages. Same as I mention above, most 920 only need 1.25-1.3 or so for 4Ghz from what I see.

    What Try Performance Enhance standard, less QPI PLL, Less IPH Voltage as well, and CPU PLL 1.84-1.88

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