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Thread: GA-G31M-S2L overvolting RAM by default

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    Default Re: GA-G31M-S2L overvolting RAM by default

    BIOS doesn't give me options to set 0.05V increments, only 0.1V increments up to +0.4V
    It allows me to set "Normal", +0.1, +0.2V, +0.3V

    AUTO = 1.95V
    Normal = 1.95V
    +0.1V = 2.05V
    +0.2V = 2.15V
    +0.3V = 2.25V
    +0.4V = 2.35V

    As it shows in the manual:
    DDR2 OverVoltage Control
    Allows you to to set memory voltage.
    Normal Supplies the memory voltage as required. (Default)
    +0.1V ~ +0.4V Increases memory voltage by 0.1V to 0.4V at 0.1V increment.
    Note: Increasing memory voltage may result in damage to the memory."

    GGTS claims the memory @ DDR2-800 runs with 1.95V for stability improvement but I didn't try to run the memory @DDR2-667 to see if the default voltage drops to 1.80V~1.85V.

    Already used that memory on another Gigabyte board (GA-P35-DQ6) and default voltage ("Normal") @DDR2-667 or @DDR2-800 was 1.80V (1.85V real). So I guess that with the G31M the board does increase the voltage a little bit.

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    Default Re: GA-G31M-S2L overvolting RAM by default

    Ahh yeah, sorry some BIOS/Boards do not allow finer adjustments to voltages.

    Sounds like that board just does overvolt based off your above findings. Looks like if you want to use a lower voltage on that board your only choice is normal or Auto. Sorry for all the posts about this but I just wanted to be sure it was indeed like that, as it is not the normal thing for boards to do

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