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Thread: Dual channel mode not running on AMD Phenom II 9xx on MA770-UD3.

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    Default Dual channel mode not running on AMD Phenom II 9xx on MA770-UD3.

    There are reviews of the MA770-UD3 on stating that dual channel mode (DDR2 memory) will not work with the new Phenom II 940. Reviews have also stated that the F4 BIOS update could be the cause of the problem, therefore some end users have switched back to the F2 BIOS. Does dual channel memory occur only in socket AM2+ CPU's or does this problem to socket AM3 CPU's as well? I found some quotes that state the problem from

    Here is a quote from the reviewer Brainded at, "This board only turns off Dual Channel availability for your RAM if you use a Phenom CPU, I'm using a Brisbane core 5050e with my RAM in DC with no problems, I had some issues getting Vista to install from my SATA DVD drive until I set ports 4 and 5 to IDE mode" (, gigabyte MA770-UD3, motherboard). Another reviewer Tencz58 states in the cons portion of the his or her review, "came with the newest bios , F4 makes my mem un-ganged,No dual channel, will flash back to F2 old school style"(, gigabyte MA770-UD3, motherboard).

    These are at least two reviews stating the problem of dual-channel memory not being activated while a socket AM2+ or AM3 CPU is in the specified motherboard (Gigabyte MA770-UD3). Will there be a new BIOS update to fix the problem? I do not want to drop 229$ USD for a Phenom II 940 and not have my memory function as it should like under my Athlon X2 6000.

    Janus, if you could elucidate on this matter please do so. I really want to pair my 9800GTX+ with one of the new Phenom II's. Thanks and have a great weekend.

    source:Customer Reviews Of GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

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    Default Re: Dual channel mode not running on AMD Phenom II 9xx on MA770-UD3.

    Only very few people here are running AMD systems, you're unlikely to get a definitive answer unfortunately.
    The issue is probably completely BIOS related and if a newer BIOS broke it you can just use the older one or wait for the next update which shouldn't be too far away.

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    Default Re: Dual channel mode not running on AMD Phenom II 9xx on MA770-UD3.

    Yes, Sorry I do not know much about AMD at all myself. I can point you to some forums with AMD Sections if you like, let me know.

    Or you could email Gigabyte Tech and see what they have to say
    GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Technical Service Zone

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