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Thread: New build wont post GA-X48-DS4

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    Default New build wont post GA-X48-DS4

    Hi , over the past year I bought parts when I could and just now 2 days ago starting putting it all together. Here is what I have;

    Q9550 EO
    Xigmatek HDT-S1283 heatsink/fan
    HIS 4870 1 gig
    Corsair 750 TX power supply
    OCZ Reaper pc-8500 2 x 2gb

    When I try to boot up with the 24 pin ATX and either the 4pin or the (2x4) 8 pin all I get is a RED flash from the leds on the board.

    When I try just the 24 pin ATX the system starts and the computer fan spins for 2 secs then stops. HDD are on/working can hear them. Vid card fan is spinning.

    I have tried a different power supply/ different ram/ went out and bought a E1200 celeron did the same thing.Also removed battery and left out while i slept for few hours.Tried ram in every slot combination including just one stick at once.Also the same happens if you try to boot up without any ram and /or without any CPU. Just the quick red light and nothing.

    I have submited an RMA as of yesterday but I figure I see if there is a slight chance there is anything else I haven't tried or can try.

    Thanks any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: New build wont post GA-X48-DS4

    The 24pin MUST be connected, and the 8Pin MUST be as well since you have 8Pin. No need to even try or think about using the 4Pin since you have a 8Pin.

    Do you have a case speaker connected, if not you need to borrow/buy/find one so you can hear the beeps it is giving. What it may be is you need to flash the BIOS to support that CPU. So good thing you have the celeron.

    Can you test that Quad in another PC to be sure it is good? The ram as well?

    What you should do first is get the board out of the case, and OFF the motherboard tray. Put it on a box or wooden table, this is to rule out any shorts.

    Then remove all hardware, including the CPU. Check that there is NO bent pins under the CPU, if there is not then reinstall the CPU. Connect the 24 and 8Pin Power connections. Put ONLY one stick of ram in slot one, your graphics card (Test a older one with this method as well if you have one, incase this Card is dead) and that is it. NO Other items, no CD/DVD drives, ect. This is to rule out other bad hardware as the faulty item causing it to not boot

    Then see if the system will boot, if it does, connect your other items one at a time checking after each item to see if it will boot

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