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Thread: Ich10 base and Ahci in Windows xp

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    Default Ich10 base and Ahci in Windows xp

    Hello, I have a bit of a problem that has been thoroughly frustrating me for a short while now (Mostly because I cant find much, if any information on the subject, partly because the information I do find seems to tell me that what I want isn't possible)

    I have a Gigabyte Board (GA EP43-DS3L) With an e5200 Dual core in it, and I recently upgraded to a SATA Drive (I tend to lag behind technology at the best of times) Im not interested in setting up a Raid array, but I still want to setup my board in AHCI mode, so that I can hotswap, use NCQ, and Dual boot Windows Vista.

    I managed to salvage a working Floppy Disk Drive from an old computer, and got myself ready to do a fresh OS install cycle, Trying to line all my ducks in a row, After a Day of searching online, I didnt find much information on ICH10 (Base) AHCI/SATA drivers, and what I read was that Intel did not support AHCI mode (Even though the chip itself does) and that to enable it, would require drivers from the Motherbaord Manufacturer. I have searched the Gigabyte site, mainly focussed on the page pertaining to my board, and only found an INF update, for after installation. (I think in the readme you could drop the files onto the drive you wish to install to, hard to read through the jargon, and im not that tech savvy)

    I suppose I had better get to the question. Is it possible to have Windows XP installed with AHCI enabled on a ICH10 (Base, not R or D/DO (I believe they are corporate builds)) Motherboard? Or should I forget XP and just run Vista (Something I am a bit nervous of doing just yet) And if it is possible, where would I locate drivers to install by the F6 Method of XP install?

    :Edit: Forgot to mention that my current bios is F8 Have one 500Gb SATA drive, will setup a PATA as a pagefile drive, and do not have a SATA DVD drive yet.
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    Default Re: Ich10 base and Ahci in Windows xp

    You can Dual Boot no matter your drive setup, just so you know.

    Vista Vs XP is all up to you, I personally would suggest Vista, but that's just me

    Here is how you would do it with ICH9, I would assume ICH10 is just the same, only with the latest drivers of course >>>
    The compiled FAQ & guide thread. - MSFN Forums

    AHCI is overrated and will actually slow your Bootup times. NCQ will be enabled by default if your drive supports this using Vista. Hotswap, if you need it would be the only reason to use AHCI over normal SATA/IDE mode

    Vista does not need any drivers on install like XP's F6 method, and to do all this in XP would be done after the OS was installed.

    Hope this helps you a little bit

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