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Thread: DRAM Voltage control has no effect on EP45-DS3R ??

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    Default Re: DRAM Voltage control has no effect on EP45-DS3R ??

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    Anytime man, I do try to forward issues such as this that seem that it would be for sure BIOS only and not end user errors, ect and I thought it did sound that way in this case.

    I guess it is not though, but oh well no biggie.
    It seems like a BIOS problem to me, but as you say, no biggie. The mystery is solved and I have a working system with the most important settings I want.

    Or did you just mean this board is fine with F11a, if so then ignore me, I wont mind!
    Yes, that's what I meant.

    About your fan setting comment, are you seeing a triple reboot when saving those settings or a warning when you enter the MIT Section when you notice this? Just checking to be sure your settings are being used/saved/applied.
    I played around a lot with memory multipliers last night. It doesn't take a triple reboot to have the CPU Smart Fan setting change out from under me. But at this point I don't know what is triggering that change, it wasn't quite what I thought.

    Are you using Profiles? I do notice sometimes a few settings do get put to default when switching between profiles.
    Using profiles sometimes helps with settings like this, but do also keep a eye on your Memory Multi as it sometimes get set to Auto or a value other then what you save when you load or switch profiles. So that's just one thing I always check after loading a profile
    Yeah, I have seen this when switching profiles.

    Thanks again Lsd, and cheers!

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    Default Re: DRAM Voltage control has no effect on EP45-DS3R ??

    Well the engineers tested several BIOS's old and new so it sounds to them like you have a hardware issue not BIOS issue. But yeah, like you said it works disabled anyway... and who needs that enabled anyhow.

    I wouldn't RMA over that myself either.

    Hmm, well do post what it is that is changing your fan preference if you figure it out.

    Good luck with things, and post back anytime!

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